Hanging Solutions

At The Picture Store every custom frame job comes complete with the appropriate hanging hardware. Let our experts help you choose the right hanging solution for you and your artwork. We know that sometimes you may need to secure your frames for safety reasons or to avoid theft in public areas. We carry Easy Installed Security Hardware hanging solutions.

Security Hangers:

Installation Instructions

Our Security Hanger Polybag contains all the hardware you’ll needed to hang one frame: three (3) Security Plates, two (2) Support Brackets, one (1) Locking T-screw, plus wall anchors and mounting screws.

We recommend that you use a special Security Hanger Wrench (sold separately) for installation.

1. Attach plates to frame using #6 x 1/2” screws:

2. Position the frame on the wall and mark where brackets should be located based on location of plates at the top of the frame. TIP: The parallel ridges on the mounting plate will mark your bracket position when pressed into most wall surfaces.

3. Attach the two brackets to the wall using the #10 x 1” screw and the #10 anchors.

4. Find the center of the bottom plate and mark corresponding spot on wall. TIP: Use the parallel ridges on the plate to mark spot on the wall or place a temporary screw into center of plate opening and use that to mark the wall. NOTE: This step must be done accurately or you’ll have trouble engaging the locking screw. Our T Screw marking wrench makes this task much easier.

5. Temporarily remove picture from hanging brackets and install T-Screw in wall using the #12 anchor. Tighten screw until it protrudes approximately ½” from wall. Align t-head parallel to floor and plate opening.

6. Rehang picture on hanging brackets. T-Screw should fit into bottom mounting plate opening. Reach behind picture with locking wrench and turn 90˚ to lock. Your frame is now secure.